“once you go black”

I get a call at about 7:30. The voice on the other end had this strong Texan accent. I pictured the guy on the other end wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and boots. “I know it’s short notice, but I could really use a massage… and you came highly recommended.” I had already done […]

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“motorcycle meat”

I bought a motorcycle. It looks like a little cop chopper. I love riding, it makes me feel alive, I think for me it’s the closest thing to flying. Anyway, the other night I was parked on a street just minding my business when someone taps me on the back. As I turn I see […]

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Have you ever seen the movie Gia, with Angelina Jolie? Well, the other day I go and do a photo shoot for my website. I needed some shots that made me look like a respectable massage therapist (no comment please!). And, as you can see, I got my tattoo from my Geisha. It’s not finished […]

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“mail from Jamaica”

I had an early massage the other day. I usually don’t work before 12:00pm but hey the guy sounded nice. So off I went and I was finished the massage by 10:30. After grabbing an espresso and croissant at my favourite little French Café “Pain Perdu” on St. Clair, I head home. (For my Toronto […]

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“brit pop”

I know it may seem that I’m always at a bar, but it’s not always the case. Anyway the other night at a bar I meet this cute British lawyer. Drinks like a fish, like all English people do, but cute none the less. So I give him my card and he calls for a […]

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“the 25-year-old Gino”

The other night I went out, sat on a patio with friends and had a few beers. So I meet this guy, my girlfriend says he looks like an Italian Taylor Lautner, “Gino” I’ll call him. So to make a long story short I gave this 25-year-old my card and he called me for a […]

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“face fucker”

Pride weekend. Park Hyatt Hotel. I like doing house calls at hotels, I kind of feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Cinda-fucken-rella. He was blonde, blue-eyed, 6’3, swimmers build, I would say in his forties. I walk in and see 4 bottles of wine on the nightstand and a couple bags of coke. He […]

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“my husband”

“My husband really needs a massage.” I walked into the house. Two screaming children and a wife trying to get everything ready. They were going out for an hour so he could have the hour to relax. “He usually hates massages but he really needs one. We’ll be back in an hour.” I set up […]

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