“pretty penis”

The other night a ridiculously successful silver-haired daddy contacted me. He listed his credentials, owner of several companies, a house in Mexico, even sent a pic. He was hot, suit and tie type of guy, with an obvious personal trainer. He made it very clear what he wanted from me, an erotic massage, and he […]

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“once you go black”

I get a call at about 7:30. The voice on the other end had this strong Texan accent. I pictured the guy on the other end wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and boots. “I know it’s short notice, but I could really use a massage… and you came highly recommended.” I had already done […]

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“yoga with daddy”

So the other day I get a phone call from my ex-boyfriend of 8 years. He calls to tell me that he is falling in love with another man. At first, I was hurt, but then after thinking about it, I realized I am extremely happy with where I am and could only feel happiness […]

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“motorcycle meat”

I bought a motorcycle. It looks like a little cop chopper. I love riding, it makes me feel alive, I think for me it’s the closest thing to flying. Anyway, the other night I was parked on a street just minding my business when someone taps me on the back. As I turn I see […]

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Have you ever seen the movie Gia, with Angelina Jolie? Well, the other day I go and do a photo shoot for my website. I needed some shots that made me look like a respectable massage therapist (no comment please!). And, as you can see, I got my tattoo from my Geisha. It’s not finished […]

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“mail from Jamaica”

I had an early massage the other day. I usually don’t work before 12:00pm but hey the guy sounded nice. So off I went and I was finished the massage by 10:30. After grabbing an espresso and croissant at my favourite little French Café “Pain Perdu” on St. Clair, I head home. (For my Toronto […]

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“brit pop”

I know it may seem that I’m always at a bar, but it’s not always the case. Anyway the other night at a bar I meet this cute British lawyer. Drinks like a fish, like all English people do, but cute none the less. So I give him my card and he calls for a […]

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“the 25-year-old Gino”

The other night I went out, sat on a patio with friends and had a few beers. So I meet this guy, my girlfriend says he looks like an Italian Taylor Lautner, “Gino” I’ll call him. So to make a long story short I gave this 25-year-old my card and he called me for a […]

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“face fucker”

Pride weekend. Park Hyatt Hotel. I like doing house calls at hotels, I kind of feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Cinda-fucken-rella. He was blonde, blue-eyed, 6’3, swimmers build, I would say in his forties. I walk in and see 4 bottles of wine on the nightstand and a couple bags of coke. He […]

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