“hairy arab”

I usually don’t go into the sauna at the gym when it’s hot out, and the Middle East is hot! But I did a killer leg work out today and thought that the heat would help my shaky leg muscles. I would usually fold my towel and sit on it, legs slightly spread, displaying my half-hard cock, but in the Middle East nudity is prohibited, and out of respect I kept the towel wrapped around my waste. Alone in the steam room, I started touching myself. My cock quickly hardened from the excitement of possibly getting caught. I heard someone approaching the room and I quickly stop. The door opened, and a hairy chubby Arab, in his late fifties, entered and sits down opposite me. Like me, he sat with his towel wrapped around his waist, but he was chubby so as he sat down his penis feel out and was in full view. It was a nice size cock with 2 big hairy balls, but out of respect, I tried not to stare. We sat silently for a while. We both were sweating, and while I wiped the sweat from my upper body from time to time, he touched his cock from time to time. I started to do the same and observed that he let his hand linger on his cock a little longer. I watched as his cock grew. I was now rock hard sitting across from this hairy Arab. He started masturbating his eyes on my cock. Suddenly, he put his hand on my thigh and moved past my low hanging balls to my ass. I felt his finger slide into my sweaty hole, I was a little surprised at his forwardness but his hairy body excited me. I continue to stroke my cock. I was so wrapped up in the feeling that I didn’t hear the door open. Surprised, I pushed Ali’s hand away and embarrassed I walk out and into the showers.

I left the shower curtain about a third open. I had just started to latter my body as I see Ali getting in a shower stall across from mine, leaving his curtain a third open as well. He was now furiously stroking his cock, looking at my body. I wanted this Arab to fuck me right there but was frustrated that I knew it couldn’t happen. I don’t think it’s possible to fuck in the showers in a Muslim country. With a loud grunt, Ali cums all over the curtain. He must of not cum in a while because his thick white load was everywhere. The thought of his cum all over me made me shoot. When I was finished, I towel myself off and head to my locker. On my way out I smile at Ali. “You from?” he asks.

“Toronto.”  With a smile, Ali hands me his card.

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