“daddy’s gardener”

What a week! In my ongoing quest to find what I want, I’ve learned that I don’t know what I want. A half-year of single-hood after a decade of monogamy leaves me questioning. Whether sexually fulfilled or emotionally empty, I go and massage away the pain of others.

The Middle East. While my friends freeze in Toronto, I’m at least blessed with a beautiful 26 degree Sun of the desert. Thursday afternoon I get a call for a 2 hour massage. I arrive at this beautiful palace and was told to follow the path to the back.

As I drive up the path I see this 6 foot, 190 lbs, muscular, silver-bearded Arab daddy. He was wearing a white thobe and a red and white cloth on his head. (I know know that it is called a ghutra.) Arab men in there traditional clothing are so sexy, especially on a windy day, when the sun shines right throw the light white fabric, exposing what they are packing. I seem to be get a lot of calls from the silver-haired daddies, but I don’t mind. He was sexy with a full beard and a confident smile. He must have been in his late 50’s. He took me through the garage and out into a beautiful courtyard patio. I look over and immediately see a very toned ass bent over, wearing nothing but black fitted short shorts. Aware of the smile on my face Daddy grabs my face.

“Do you like my gardener?”

At that point the gardener turns to us and stands up. Daddy forcefully turns my head to him. I watch a line of sweat drip down this dark-haired beautiful Indian man. It drips down his sculpted jaw and onto his hairy dark chest. It drips down his nipple and onto his the curves of his abdomen. Michelangelo’s David (an Indian Version!).

“Strip!” Daddy yells, and the Gardener stood naked in front of me. I look at his semi-hard cock, I could already taste that salty meat as my mouth started to water.

“Get on your knees!” Daddy tells me and I do. “Suck his cock!” And I do. I put it in my mouth and feel its warmth on my tongue. I couldn’t take it all in because of its size, but Daddy didn’t care. He forced my head until the Gardener’s balls smashed against chin. I gagged but he didn’t care. The Gardener started thrusting using my throat as a hole. I could feel Daddy’s cock getting hard on my head.

“Bend over!” and the Gardener does. Daddy stands me up and undresses me. Fully erect I stood there, not knowing what the hell was going on. “Fuck him.” I look down and see two beautiful ass checks spread open, his asshole beckoning in the sun. Daddy spits on it and without a thought I fucked him. With a painful moan the Gardener turns and looks into my eyes. I grab him by the neck and kiss his mouth. Daddy must have liked this because he started to undress exposing his massive cock. He walks over to us grabbing my hair and shoves his cock in my mouth. I am in heaven. I fucked and I blew and thanked the universe for this wonderful moment.

“Stop!” I quickly pulled out of the Gardener’s hole as Daddy pulled out of my mouth. “Lay on your down back.” I lay on the warm grass, sweaty, painfully hard and ready to burst. Daddy hovered over me, gazing down at his MT, his shadow cooling my hot body. He grabbed my legs, hoisting my hips into the air. He held my legs wide and guided his thick shaft towards me. The Gardener assisted by rubbing his spit on my hole and then his fingers poked and prodded my insides, Daddy thrusting to join the party. As if sensing his impatience, the Gardener opened me up as Daddy powerfully thrusted into me. “Sit!” Confused, I opened my eyes only to see the Gardener sit down on my face, quickly shoving his tool in my mouth. They matched their rhythm as they planted me full of meat.

Maybe being uncertain of what’s next is simply a hint for me to experience the moment. Yes, spring is here, and with that some gardening, sun and appreciation of the outdoors. Next stop, beach.

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