“security check”

So I’ve been invited by a client to head down to the Middle East. With all those hairy masculine men I couldn’t say no, I’m like a fat kid in a candy shop. So I head to the Person and all things as usual. Check-in, drop bags, security check… As I walk through the metal detector, low and behold, it goes off. A diesel dike looks at me and with my arms in the air, I tell her to search me. Well, apparently women can’t search men so I waited for a male security to feel me up. As I turn a see this sexy Indian man, I would say 5’10, about 185 lbs, long beard, yum!

As he starts to pat me down, I start to get aroused. He feels my ass and slowly moves down my thigh. “You better feel real well in there,” I say with a smile, he looks into my eyes and smiles back. Grabbing my crouch he asks me where I’m heading. I tell him the gate number and off I go.

After 30 minutes of duty-free shopping, I walk to see where my gate was. As I turn the corner I see my Indian hero. He was walking around my gate, I can only assume looking for me. I quickly make eye contact and with a smile, he looks over to the restroom. Wasting no time I follow. As I walk in I see he had gone into a stall. I open the stall and he’s in there stroking his pink headed cock. His cock was pretty big for an Indian man. I quickly go to my knees and start sucking it. He grabs the back of my head and puts his whole manhood inside me. I gag. Not caring if I could breathe or not he continues to hold the back of my head thrusting his cock into the back of my throat. Tears streamed down my face as he continued to fuck my mouth. His hairy brown balls smashed up against my bearded chin. Just when I couldn’t take it anymore I felt his warm cum hit the back of my throat. Without even looking at me, he pulled out his cock put it back in his pants and left the stale, leaving me on my knees with cum dripping out of my mouth.

2 thoughts on ““security check”

  1. When a man, as handsome as you, enters, people take note. When your erotic longing is aroused you become a magnet. Your sexual energy saturates each word, each comma, each full stop, each gap, each space. Together they became a vortex into which I fell, willingly. Your manifested lust aroused me to the point of climaxing in sync with your, real or imagined, face fuck buddy in the stall of Eastern delight.


    1. I don’t think it’s about being handsome. It’s about being confident and knowing what you want. At least on the outside. Never let them see your insides! 😉


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