“memories of a Geisha”

I love tattoos, once you get one it’s over – you’ll for sure get more. I started doing a massage exchange with a local tattoo artist, I give him massages and he tattoos me. I love being in the service industry, I really don’t pay for much. Let’s cut to the chase. He came over the other day for his first massage. He was younger than me, I’d say mid-20’s, light-colored hair, on the thin side, he was cute. He was covered in tattoos. As he lay on my table I started reading his body, it told a story. On the right side of his body, he had a large Geisha and behind her bamboo. It was beautiful. I asked him the meaning of the Geisha and he was hesitant with his answer. He smiled and took a long pause. “Well, I like to be a Geisha.” I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that. “I like to please my partner, I like to do things for him, I like to be obedient.” I pictured coming home from a long day and having him there, waiting for me naked. I’d show him how to be obedient.

I didn’t know what to do. I mean I needed to get my tattoo done so I knew I had to massage him, but thinking of me humiliating him got me hard. “Stand up,” I tell him, he does. “Slowly take off my clothes.” He does. Rim my ass, I tell him, he does. Here he was rimming my asshole and from his cock’s reaction, he was getting off in doing this. I was as well, feeling the sensation of my skin stretch and tighten between my asshole and scrotum, he continued licking. I tell him to get on the floor and put my foot on his cock. He grabs my foot. “Did I tell you to touch me?!” I say, kicking his hand away. I put my foot on his face, then shoved my toe in his mouth. Suck them, he does. As he licked my toes I look down at the Geisha, it really was beautiful. “Turn around.” He does. I bring my foot in between his legs and stick my big toe in his ass. He moans. “Shut up.” He does. I grab my oil and pour it over his ass. I kneel down on top of him and shove my cock in his ass. He yelps. “Shut up.” I fuck him for a while, I can feel the warmth inside his asshole. He lays there quiet because I told him too. I feel myself about to cum but I wanted to cum on his face. I pull out and grab the back of his head and force him to his knees. I grab my own cock and start masturbating. I pull back on my cock and cum, a thick stream of white cum lands on his face, I continued to pull on my cock splashing cum on his nose, his lips, into his eyes and hair.

“Stay there, don’t move.” I went upstairs feeling a little hunger so I made myself a sandwich. I ate it and checked my Instagram for about an hour, then realized that Bill’s appointment was in 20 minutes, and after he saw me with the mailman, well I had to shower. I go back down and he was still there on his knees with my dried cum all over his face. “I’ll see you next week.”

2 thoughts on ““memories of a Geisha”

  1. So dominating yet passionate. I could imagine myself being that boy, but I know I couldn’t. He’s very obedient while I’m a little chaotic. Reading this makes me imagine things, feel things and I like them. The first post i read and I’m already hooked up. Your words dominates me and I know you’d tame me.

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