“As-salāmu ʿalaykum (عَلَيْكَ)”

I know it’s been a while that I’ve written, but I’ve gone through a very dry spell. I’ve been working on the show Deep Tissue and so the thought of men slipped my mind. Yesterday I drove my girlfriend to the grocery store, I waited in the car listening to my music and happened to look over to see a guy sitting in the driver’s seat of the car next to mine. He was hot, dark hair, very muscular, a tight white V-neck, he must have been Arabic or Persian. As I continue to stare at his hairy arms I noticed he was watching porn on his cell – I saw a pic of a red-headed woman licking another’s pussy. Straight! This fucking straight Arab. Fuck. Intrigued, I looked down and saw that he had his fly open and was stroking his massive cock with a perfect circumcised head. Shit, I get hard just thinking about it. I envisioned it choking my throat gagging over its beauty.

At first, I was shocked, I turned my head away quickly like I had been scolded. I wasn’t sure if he was some kind of pervert, or if he was just passing the time pleasantly, but it frightened me to see him just sitting there with his cock exposed to the world. In spite of myself, however, I started to get hot thinking about him and wanted to see how far he would get. I felt my pulse racing, and my crotch throbbing. Working up the courage, I looked over at him, hoping he wouldn’t see me. He was working his big cock up and down, periodically moistening his hand with spit. I could see how excited he was by how stiff he was and how quickly he was rubbing, and I was afraid he would come too quickly and spoil the moment. I was getting so fucking excited that my cock started hurting due to his stiffness. I stick one hand up under my T-shirt and squeeze my nipple, while the other loosened the drawstring on my massage pants. I grab my hard cock and start to beat it. Looking up at his face I saw that he had indeed seen me, and was taking some pleasure in my audience. Well, believe it or not, I was thanking Allah for that very moment.

I looked up and saw the head of his cock getting more purple and his face contorting and knew that his time was up, so I watched carefully as he shot white cum all over his seat, steering wheel and of course his hairy belly, while I frantically stroke my cock and was almost at that point. That 2 sec feeling that it really all comes down to… Breathless, but still aware, I glanced in the side view mirror to see my fucking girlfriend returning to the car. Fuck. I quickly do up my drawstring and try to cover my large erection with my T-shirt.

Yeah, I think a flight to the Middle East is needed!

5 thoughts on ““As-salāmu ʿalaykum (عَلَيْكَ)”

  1. Aah the casual getting caught watching. Isn’t that hot? I love it when someone was watching and gets excited about it too. I can’t imagine the fun things that could happen next


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