“two is better than one”

The work of a massage therapist is very heavy, it takes a toll on your body. After massaging 5-6 clients a day my own body needs some work as well. Last night I finished at 6pm and my body was killing me. I could feel the tension in my body mounting, getting tighter with each passing moment. Work was kickin’ my ass… My workouts had been strenuous… My muscles ached and I needed a release. I needed to be touched. I thought back to our last experience together and wanted round two. I searched for my cell…his number was stored under “Miracle Worker”. I thought of the way he touched my body… his hand gliding against my skin… removing the knots… making me moan. I had to see him… And I wanted a happy ending… a release.

I dialed his number for a last minute appointment, but it went to voicemail… “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!” I need a massage. Dammit!! The sauna it is…

I got to the gym and immediately stripped down to my birthday suit. Random eyes were watching me as my dick swung from left to right. I could see the desire in their eyes, but I didn’t meet their gaze. There were hot guys everywhere… some athletic build… some think and muscular… which one would I pick? As I walked to the sauna and opened the door, the heat met my body. There was a sexy lean guy already relaxing on the top bench, 32” waist, thick legs, nice chest and great abs. He was sitting with a towel over his lap, his head leaned back, and eyes closed. Just fuckin’ hot!! I could see his dick print through the towel… Bingo! He had a handsome sexy look to him. I could tell he hadn’t shaved in about 3 days, and the shadow of a beard looked sexy on him… Sweat was dripping from his face… rolling down his chest… landing in his navel. I decided to sit arms distance away from him… legs open… dick hangin’. I started taking deep breathes. Closed my eyes. Entered a zone. I could feel the sweat beads forming on my brow… rolling down my face… My breathing got heavier… sweating now more profuse. My mind started fantasizing about my new neighbor. What was his touch like? how did he smell, kiss, fuck?

Then the door opened and a slight breeze brush against my dick… it jumped. I opened my eyes to see who entered the room. Another hot guy, executive looking, clean cut, nice build, beautiful face. He didn’t meet my eyes immediately, he was too focused on my thick Italian cock, so I made it jump for him, twice. I closed my eyes, smiled and knew he would be down for a hot fuck too. He sat across from me, for the view of course. His legs were spread open with a towel lying on one leg. I could see his cock… “nice size” I thought. It was getting bigger, he was getting aroused. He was touching it. My handsome neighbor was still in the sauna, and by this time he had raised his head, opened his eyes and was looking at Mr. Executive. Mr. Executive was still looking at me, I knew I would have them both. My hand grazed the nipples of my neighbor as he watched Mr. Executive’ dick grow. He didn’t move, he didn’t flinch. My handsome neighbor slowly turned his head to look at me, he looked down at my cock then back at my eyes. His hand met mine at his nipples.

He guided me to his cock. It was thick and hard just as I had imagined. His cock was wet, drenched in sweat… hot. I stroked it and he moaned. His head leaned back and he released a deep sigh. His hand ran down the length of my arm, down my chest, across my abs, and through my pubic hair. He played with the head of my dick, using my sweat as his lube. He gripped the shaft and began to stroke it. His head soon followed the path to my dick, as did the warmth of his mouth. He sucked my dick as I continued to flirt with Mr. Executive. Mr. Executive stroked his cock, played with his pre-cum and rubbed it into his stomach. He licked his lips at me and then I winked at him. He came over and began to stroke my legs, at the same time he rubbed my neighbors back. I watched them both, one sucking my dick while the other waited his turn. Their eyes finally met, I stroked my dick as I watched them kiss and grab each other’s cocks. Mr. Executive had waited long enough, He was ready for his turn to put my dick in his mouth. His mouth was hotter and wetter than my neighbors… He wanted all of my thick Italian sausage in his mouth. He sucked the head of my dick and put the entire shaft down his throat…no gag reflex. Up and Down he went slowly, then faster, my neighbor kissed me and played with my nipples. I grabbed the back of his head and shoved my tongue down his throat. I grabbed the back of Mr. Executive’ head and shoved my cock all the way down his throat until I felt his beard on my balls. I was moaning, they were moaning, the temperature seemed to be rising. My breathing became heavy. Mr. Executive never stopped giving me long deep strokes with his mouth, I slowly pushed my neighbors head down to my cock. He licked my body the entire way down finally joining Mr. Executive. Two mouths were on my cock…then one…then two… they took turns over and over again. Hands were rubbing my chest, mouths were licking my balls, they picked up the rhythm. I faced fucked them both, deep and hard. They took turns sucking me, then sucked me together. Their lips formed a ring around my cock. I could feel hot tongues moving about wildly. Two mouths, four hands, on me… heat… sweat… My eyes rolled to the back of my head, as my body tensed in the throes of lust. I’m about to Bust… I’m about to Bust… I’m Cummin’…

I still need a massage.

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