“the wife”

I hope you remember the entry “the husband”. Last night his wife called me again. When I saw the number I froze hoping I didn’t break up a marriage. I generally don’t like to be a home wrecker. Don’t get me wrong, in my 10-year relationship I never once strayed.

“Hello?”, I hesitantly answer. “My Husband can’t stop talking about how good he felt after your massage, I wanna book an appointment for myself”. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of this straight, uncircumcised, married man recommending me to his wife after releasing his warm cum in my mouth.

She walked into my loft and as I took her coat her hair brushed past my face. The smell was intoxicating, and it caught me off guard. I told her I’d step out while she undressed.

When I came back she was face down under the sheet in the dimly lit room. I noticed something had slipped off the chair where her clothes were piled. I reached down to pick it up and found a pair of black lace panties in my hand. A surprising find, coming from a suburban housewife. I brought them close to my face and inhaled her scent. Pussy was definitely not a smell I was familiar with, but I instantly felt my cock respond.

She chose the lavender oil for its calming properties, and I started the massage. Her body was stiff, a clear sign of a hard working Mom. She turned onto her back so I could get at the front of her shoulders, and she breathed deeply as I worked out the knots. My hand slipped under the sheet and grazed her nipple. With her eyes still closed she let out a soft moan. Her nipples were hard and as I rolled them between my fingers her back arched. She took hold of my wrist and brought my hand down between her legs. I could feel she was warm and wet, and she made it clear that she wanted my fingers inside her. I slid one finger inside, then two. Her breath got deeper. With my fingers still inside her wet pussy, I kissed her neck and slid my tongue along her collarbone. I inhaled her natural scent mixed with the lavender oil and something about that smell got me even harder. I took one nipple into my mouth, sucking it gently while I rubbed the other with my free hand. I slid my mouth down her stomach and my hand across her hips. As I got closer to her pussy the same smell from her black lace panties hit me once again and I knew I wanted to taste her. It had been so long since I had been with a woman, and I was caught off guard by the situation I found myself in. But I was enjoying it, and her body language suggested that she was too. She opened her legs wider and as her lips spread open I began to lick her clit. I could feel it swelling and pulsating in my mouth, and with my fingers moving in and out of her cunt I could feel how wet she was. I took my fingers out of her pussy and put them into her mouth. She hungrily licked her own juices from my fingers. Her pelvis began to rock back and forth as I continued to lick her clit drawing circles with my tongue. She gasped and a wave of convulsions seemed to pass through her whole body. Her breathing leveled. Did she cum?

That night I lay sleepless in bed thinking about the experience. At least I don’t feel bad for her anymore, as she’s no longer the victim. Was this her intention? Did her husband tell her about his happy ending? Was that their secret to a happy suburban marriage? Was I the one that got played?

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