“good boy!”

After my daddy experience, I found myself thinking about leather which then got me thinking about different fetishes. The idea of exploring the unknown excited me so I decided to go to a well-known bar here in Toronto, The Black Eagle. Now for those of you that don’t know it, The Black Eagle is Toronto’s original leather, denim and uniform bar. It’s dark, it’s sexy and can be a little scary at times. Well, I walk in and immediately get ogled by a bunch of older leather daddies, I took off my coat, grabbed a beer and went upstairs.

Tonight was, Pup Night, for those of you that may not know what that is, like I didn’t, it is a night where grown ass man dress up in dog masks and play in a playpen with other man dogs. Well, I chugged back my beer asked for a shot and decide to stay. I watched as these men, dressed in nothing but leather briefs and a leather dog mask, barked, fought, licked, sniffed, humped and snarled at each other. I noticed that each dog had a handler, that would throw them a ball, put water in their bowls, scratched behind their ears, and tell them to sit or behave. As I watched I was approached by one of these handlers. He looked at me, saw that I was wearing a leather cuff around my right wrist, and says “You’d make a great puppy.” I laughed and turned to him, “What makes you think I can’t master one?” He then proceeded to explain to me that the dog is usually the submissive one and that they obey their masters. I thought it was funny that there where rules even in puppy play. “Well, what if I wanted my dog to fuck me?” I ask. He then points to this one dog, that if standing on 2 paws would have been 6’1 and 190 hairy, sexy and manly pounds – the Alpha Dog.

Alpha: (of animals in a group) Being the highest ranked or most dominant individual of one’s sex.

The Alpha Dog was hot, well his body was as I couldn’t see his face behind the dog mask and he made sure that all the other dogs behaved. If a dog would get out of line Alpha would growl at him and mount him. Hot. I had an overwhelming sensation to smell Alpha’s ass. I wanted to fuck him. I waited patiently at the bar and stared at him. At first, he pretended not to notice me staring, but then I would catch him look up at me in hopes that I was checking him out, and I was. On all fours, he came to me and started smelling my crotch. I was getting hard as I felt this hairy beast poke around my balls. Now I normally don’t like public displays of affection but I needed to give this dog a treat. I bent down and told him to be a good boy and follow me. He did. If you’re familiar with The Black Eagle, you’d know that it’s full of dark spots. I walked to the darkest spot I could find and pulled out my semi-hard cock.

“Woof” I heard him say as I put my treat in his mouth. He hungrily took it and boy did that dog know how to lick. “That’s a good boy.” I pulled his ears away from my cock and turned him around. I could see his silhouette on all fours. Hot. I slide his leather briefs to about his knees and smelled his crack. The pheromones he released were intoxicating, It triggered my inner wolf to come out engulfing his hairy ass. My cock was rock hard and wasting no time I shoved it in his ass. He let out a bark and started to whimper, that just got me even harder. I gave doggy style a new meaning. His whimper slowly turned into a pleasured moan. I reached around him and grabbed his hard cock and could feel his warm pre-cum on my fingers. The idea of empowering this Alpha dog was electrifyingly rousing and with a last thrust I pull out and cum on his ass. The cum dripped down over his stretched hole.

I once heard that in order to make the dog know who’s boss you need to spit in its mouth. So I did just that, I grabbed his mask and forced him up to his knees. With my hands, I grabbed his mouth, opened it and spit.
Good boy.

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