“sex in the hills”

As most of my readers and followers from facebook know, I’m in LA. I had to get away from that fucking freezing cold weather of Toronto. There was one day, while I was walking to a massage, that I literally started crying from how cold it was. And just when I couldn’t take it anymore I had a client from Los Angeles request my massage services for 2 weeks. Without giving it a second thought I hopped on a plane and here I am in LA. My client, I will call him Producer, is just that a producer. He lives in the hills on a quite little street off of Mulholland Drive. I love sitting here just when the sun is about to set and watch the lights of Los Angeles start to shine. It’s a beautiful house with windows all around allowing you to see the city’s skylit. The bedroom’s large sliding glass doors lead to a balcony with a hot tub, that again overlooked the city. Beautiful.

I asked the producer to jump in the hot tub to relax his muscles before the massage. He’s about 5’10 with a cute sculpted body, he’s 43 with a confident walk and a sophistication about him. I stare at him as he underdresses, he has a pretty penis and a cute little ass. I watch as he walks through the door to the hot tub. He slowly steps into it exposing his asshole with his low hanging balls. When I see his balls I get horny so I take off my clothes and walk to the hot tub. He looks up with a smile and moves to make room for me. God I love the hot tub.

“I’m glad you came”, he says while moving a little closer to me. I don’t even respond and with one hand I grab the back of his head, lean in and kiss him. I bring my one leg around and straddle him while we continue to kiss. His lips are soft and his tongue tastes fresh. He was a great kisser. I savoured it and feeling his cock press up against my asshole, I wanted him inside me. He continues licking my neck sending goose bumps through my body. Fuck me. He stands me up and bends over the side of the tub. The skyline of the city was so beautiful that when he put it inside me I thought I saw Jesus. He fucked me. He fucked me slow then fast. Well God bless America because he knew how to fuck. His speed and rhythm changed and from every angle I was in heaven. I could feel the hot bubbles on my balls as his cock filled my hole. With his hands he grabbed my ass checks and spread them wider apart. I could feel his whole cock inside me as his balls slammed against my choda. Fuck is there anything better then this feeling. He pulls his cock out of my ass and turns me around. He starts to kiss me again and with one hand grabs my dick, while I grab his. We stroke each other with his fresh minty tongue down my throat. “I’m close,” he says while the rhythm of his stroke increases. So am I. And right then and there under the beautiful starlit sky of LA we cum. I felt his warm cum hit my chest and slide down my wet body. Off to the Abbey.

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