“once you go black”

I get a call at about 7:30. The voice on the other end had this strong Texan accent. I pictured the guy on the other end wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and boots. “I know it’s short notice, but I could really use a massage… and you came highly recommended.” I had already done four massages that day and I was about to put a lasagna in the oven, but I was horny. What if this cowboy was hot – I know you shouldn’t judge a body by its voice, but I find myself buying a lot of books because of their cover.

Lets cut right to the chase. Hot, black and well, just fuckin’ hot! He had on jeans and nothing else. His ass was so round and firm that the fabric on top of the jeans had no skin to hold on to. His crack was welcoming. Now, what is it with black men and having skin that looks like it can glow in the dark? I set up in the bedroom. “Do you mind if I put on my music?” I didn’t care as long as he got his clothes off. He puts on his iPod and I hear Sade. Nice.

He takes off his jeans. I take a moment and stop what I’m doing to look at his beautiful body, sexy muscular legs, a six-pack, bold shoulders, strong arms, and a sexy perfect cock with low-hanging balls. I could feel myself growing. He jumps on the table and I reluctantly throw a towel over him. “It’s okay, I don’t get cold,” he says while taking the towel off. Perfect.

I start oiling his legs. I know I had to give him a little bit of a massage, but I can’t help myself and go straight for his firm ass. I spread his cheeks exposing his tight asshole. My bearded chin slides over the top of his crack. Goosebumps. His ass slowly rises higher into the air. I was famished, for a split second, I thought of my frozen lasagna on the oven. I dove in. I licked the skin around his asshole and made my way down to his balls. I licked and kissed the side of his balls while I massaged his inner thigh. I kissed his asshole. I licked his ass for a while enjoying his soft skin.

He turns over and steps off the bed. He wraps me in his arms and brings me to the bed. We kiss. His soft full lips engulfed mine. Warmth. He takes my clothes off kissing every part of my body; my shoulder, my neck, my nipple, my belly button, my inner thigh. He takes my now hard cock and puts it into his mouth. Warmth. He turns me over and puts me on the bed. He kisses the back of my neck, licking my ear. He slides down my back kissing and licking until he gets to my asshole. He stops there for a while allowing me to relax. I feel the head of his cock on me; he slowly slides his black cock inside me. I can feel every inch, all eight of them.

‘Oh when you’re cold
I’ll be there
To hold you tight to me.’

It was the most beautiful sex I had in a very long time. He thought of everything, left nothing to the imagination.

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