“yoga with daddy”

So the other day I get a phone call from my ex-boyfriend of 8 years. He calls to tell me that he is falling in love with another man. At first, I was hurt, but then after thinking about it, I realized I am extremely happy with where I am and could only feel happiness for him. He deserves to be in love, just like all of us. Well, after telling him that I was happy for him, he brought up my blog and said that I shouldn’t revolve my life around sex. That sex will only bring me to a meaningless existence. That got me thinking, does what we do sexually define who we are?

Well, all that thinking about my sexual experiences got me horny! I had no massages that day, so I decided to go to a yoga class. It was hot yoga, so I was wearing my little Aussie-bum shorts and my body glistened from all the sweat. The guy in front of me was older, in his 50’s, hairy as a mother fucker, a real sexy bear or leather daddy, I don’t really know the difference. Anyway, as I lay in Child’s Pose, feeling woozy from the heat, I look up and see Daddy in Downward Dog. He wore loose-fitting shorts, I could see his thick hair on his legs leading up to what I could only imagine to be a really hairy ass. I licked my lips at the thought and tried to focus my energy into my practice.


The class ended, I held back to thank the teacher. As I walked into the men’s changing room, Daddy was bent over taking off his wet shorts. His crack was opened and I could see his pink hole poking out of all that hair. My mouth watered, I was so fucking horny. As he got up, he noticed me staring at his ass. I was a little embarrassed from staring so I quickly looked away. He smiled at me, he looked a little intense and intimidating which kind of turned me on.

“Don’t be afraid,” he says smiling. I wasn’t afraid, but I played the part. He leans in and kisses me, it was gentle and soft. He walks to the shower and I immediately rip off my shorts and follow him in. I have a thing for older hairy men, they just bring out my inner wolf, I want to devour them. I leapt into the shower and we started kissing. Slow at first but then faster and harder. With my hands, I felt the hair on his chest and back. I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. Looking up all I could see was this hairy man, looking down at me, moaning for me not to stop. He pulls me up to him and with the soap lathers my ass. He sticks his cock in my ass and kisses the back of my neck. I could feel his hairy balls slam up against my inner thigh. His cock felt warm inside me from the hot yoga class. His cock hit my prostate and I couldn’t take it anymore, He reaches over and grabs my cock. He strokes it. I shot. He pulls his cock out of my ass and puts me on my knees, sticking it in my mouth. In no time he shoots his wad all over my face and mouth. He looks down at me as cum drips down my chin. He pulls me up and kisses my wet face.

Is this a meaningless existence? Or is this my yoga, a way for me to connect, sex assisting in me revealing who I am, to discover the many parts of me?

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