“motorcycle meat”

I bought a motorcycle. It looks like a little cop chopper. I love riding, it makes me feel alive, I think for me it’s the closest thing to flying. Anyway, the other night I was parked on a street just minding my business when someone taps me on the back. As I turn I see this beautiful blue-eyed silver-haired Daddy. He was dressed in a dress pants and a striped dress-shirt, disheveled from a full day of work. Through his shirt, I could see a built tanned body. His nipples were erect maintaining the weight of the rings. He was fucking hot – but I’m not talking “bartender at Woody’s” hot – I’m talking about “waking up for the rest of my life with this man” hot. Wow.

All of that clearly showed on my face when I turned, because he couldn’t help but smile and look away. Now if you’ve been reading my blog with some attention and not just using it as masturbatory material (Mr. W from a certain queer publication in Montreal… I’m not talking about you), then you’ll know how I feel about a man and his smile. For the first time in years, I actually was speechless. I could hear my heart pounding in slow motion. Breathe.

“Sorry to bother you, but your parking light is out.”

So it is. I’m Mark. 10 minutes must have past and we were still talking. He ended up living down the street and the conversation leads to his garage. He loved bikes as well and had a few of his own. I immediately see this ravishing Harley Fat boy, my mouth drops and ask to mount it. This bike was hot. He gets on behind me and wraps his strong arms around my chest. I feel a shiver down my spine as his unshaven face touches my neck. He licks my neck and kisses my ear. He opens my jacket and slides it off my arms. His hands make their way under my T-shirt and start rubbing my pierced nipples. I was in heaven, with the power of the HOG and the strength of this men, I truly had it all.

I hop off the bike and start taking my clothes off. I stand there naked and take in the site of this man. I undo his shirt and it falls on the ground. I start kissing his body. It tastes incredible. I lick his neck and kiss his face, I bite his nipple and lick his armpit. I undo his pants and a quick thought of pain ran through my head. His cock matched the rest of his body, a strong head at the end of a thick long shaft. I wasted no time and had it in my mouth. I could smell the leather of the seat as I sucked his cock. I wanted him inside me. I needed him inside me. I step on the footrest and swing my leg to the other side. He grabs my ass with both hands and spreads my cheeks apart. I felt his tongue on my asshole and his beard brush against my balls. I was ready. He lets go of my ass and grabs my hips. He slowly lowers me on his cock. I can feel the whole thing, from the tip of the head to the thickness of his shaft. And I rode. I rode and I rode, probably the best ride of my life. He reaches over and grabs my cock. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long and I shoot all over the gas tank. He pulls out and continues to stroke. As I get off the bike I notice a figure in the background. As he comes closer, I see this tall, fit dark-haired man. He comes up to me and grabs the back of my neck. He kisses me. I had no idea what was going on as he turns me around and forces me to suck daddies cock. As I suck he pulls his own pants down and sticks his dick in my ass. I felt like a roasted pig on a spit. As daddy moaned, he grabbed the back of my neck and forced his whole cock in my mouth, I gagged but kept it in my mouth, his partner behind me kept at it, tear my ass apart. After a while, daddy screams and shoots his powerful load deep down my throat. Salty. a minute later his partner pulls out and I can feel the warm cum splash onto my lower back and drip down to my asshole. Needless to say, they were married and I just happen to be the meat in a freshly baked bun.

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