Have you ever seen the movie Gia, with Angelina Jolie? Well, the other day I go and do a photo shoot for my website. I needed some shots that made me look like a respectable massage therapist (no comment please!). And, as you can see, I got my tattoo from my Geisha. It’s not finished yet, but there will be more pics to come. I had talked to the photographer on the phone a bunch of times, he had an eastern European accent, I didn’t think much of it. I walk into the studio and this 6’4, 200-pound man with a camera in his hands smiles at me. Hot! On the wall, his work is hanging and before I get comfortable I take a look. His work consists of hot, naked men. As I look through the photos I see a self-portrait of himself.

Let me just say 8 inches soft. Fuck! Now I was still sore from my mailman so the thought of putting it in my ass was, well, not going to happen. So I show him what I brought to shoot in, which was a pair of black draw-string pants and a black tank top, my massage gear. We started the shoot and I thought it was going well, I’m a little nervous in-front of the camera, but I pushed through it! After a while, he asks me to take off my tank top. I do. “I love your tattoos”, he says, “let me see how far it goes down.” I lower my pants. He keeps shooting. “Take them off.” I look at him with hesitation. “I’ve read your blog, why you hesitating?” Well, the thought of him reading my blog got me hard, so off they came. I stood there naked, holding nothing but a towel as he shoots.

“Relax,” he says. I take a few deep breaths and let go. I thought of all my viewers reading my blog and that got me more excited. I was hard. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it, he kept shooting. Although the light was blinding, I saw his silhouette – all 6 feet 4 of it. I kept seeing Angelina Jolie jumping and slamming her naked breasts into a fence, it was hot. Was I getting turned on from being adored? I stopped what I was doing, wrapped in that thought. And for a second I felt a little anger as I walked over to him and grabbed his camera. Take off your clothes, I tell him. Slowly he obeyed. He took off his baseball cap and dropped it to the ground, I snapped a picture of his face – he unbuttoned his shirt, and as it fell to the ground – I snapped a pic.

He undoes his jeans and pulls them off. He was wearing tighty-whities and I could see them wanting to slide off, with the weight of his enormous cock. I snapped a pic. I put the camera down and pushed the auto snap button, it took a pic. His whities slide down. Pic. I grab his cock, It feels like the 10-pound dumbbell I use in P90X. Pic. I put his cock in my mouth. Pic. I couldn’t even get my mouth around his head… pic. I sucked his cock for not even a minute and the bastard cums. Really!


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