“mail from Jamaica”

I had an early massage the other day. I usually don’t work before 12:00pm but hey the guy sounded nice. So off I went and I was finished the massage by 10:30. After grabbing an espresso and croissant at my favourite little French Café “Pain Perdu” on St. Clair, I head home. (For my Toronto readers check out this Café it’s great!) I had about an hour until my next appointment so I was in no hurry. As I’m walking up my front steps, I bump into the mailman. Now I remember my mailman to be a white fat older man, but this mailman looked like Taye Diggs. I couldn’t help but stare at him, as I almost fall down my icy steps.

“What’s that you’re holding?” he asks, as I try to make my almost fall look cool. “It’s a massage table, I’m a massage therapist.” I tell him as I put the key in the slot. “Well all this walking and carrying this bag all day, I could sure use a massage.” So, long story short, with all my neighbours mail on the floor in my studio, Taye’s big black cock is laying naked on my table. Black man was BIG! I already knew that it wasn’t going inside me. I started the massage and had him moaning in minutes.

Is it easier for black men to have perfect fuckin’ bodies? His muscles were like rocks and he hardly needed oil, his skin was so soft. I pressed my forearms into his beautiful back, firm pressure into his lower back with one, the other deeply rooted into his thighs. With all my strength I parted my arms, stretching one up his spine, the other down his legs. My face ending up right in the middle, I stared at his ass. I allowed the stubble of my beard to gently brush it, he moaned. I reached down even further with my nose and inhaled his scent, all I could smell was cocoa butter. He lifted his hips a bit, his cheeks parting provocatively. My hands spread them further apart, and before I knew it, my tongue flicked around his sweet hole. Taye turns around and his cock was at least 11-inches hard. I didn’t know what was showing on my face – a mixture of fear, curiosity, shock . But, I think I must have looked like a fat kid in a candy shop, ‘cuz Taye sticks it in my mouth.

“You like that white bwoy?!” Taye yells out, pulling his shaft out of my hungry mouth. He jumps off the bed. He stands there, all six-feet and two inches of glistening, dripping, hard dark muscle. I kneel down in front of this God, he responds to this subservience by whacking my right cheek with all 11 inches. The fuckin’ thing hurt like a bitch, but I couldn’t help but gurgle, yes! “Yeah, you like that Peckerwood? You dirty mutha fuckin’ cracker!” He whacks me five more times in a row, my cheeks feel numb, one of my hands strays to his thigh, I squeeze him tight as my other hand works the same pressure on my cock. Dropping the hold on his weapon, he scoops me up. I stand almost eye-to-eye, I look directly at them. Almond-shaped, soft lashes, white deep pools highlighting the black pupils of his soul. He gently, almost tentatively, grazed his lips on my beard, pressing himself into me. Oh those damn black lips! We kissed.

I was lost in the warmth of his full lips, they swallowed my mouth completely. After what seemed like an eternity, we parted, I took a deep breath as his eyes bore deep into me. I was ready. As if he heard my thought, he turns me around and puts me over the table. I feel my hot massage oil drip down my asshole and down my low-hanging balls. He shoves a finger in my ass and continues to kiss and lick the back of my neck. One finger turned to three fingers, then four. My asshole began to soften, and as that tight muscle relaxes, it sends ripples of release all through my body. Then there it was. I don’t care what anyone says, but you can’t be comfortable with a bat up your ass! He thrusted the majority of his inches inside me and water floods my eyes, my jaw swings open as I gasp for air. He grabbed my head, and pulled it back, I couldn’t breathe. Those big, black lips of his found their way to my ear, his hot breath hissed “ You like that? Pale ass honky!” I tensed. Pressing my hands into the table, I draw my head back down. I was unsure if I was in agreement, but acting this submissive was turning me on, the more I continued to soften in front of this sheer force of dominant and powerful MAN, I began to explore my edge between pleasure and pain, I learned to let go. He felt me surrender, then did something with his hips, I don’t know how to describe it exactly as my mind wasn’t clear! I was open, it was that moment, when time slows, pure, bright stillness. Just for that breath, or minute or fuckin’ eternity, I’m uncertain but he was vibrating. This intense shaking caused his dick to deliver the best mail I have ever received.

Now while all this was going on I didn’t look at the time, I lost track of everything. What I experienced, this mixture of ridiculous pleasure with a subtle throb reminding me of pain, I moan, I cry, I fuckin’ scream, I don’t recall which. My eyes part, sweat mingled with tears stings me as I turn my head, seeing my grinning counterpart and Bill (my 12:00) standing in the doorway of the studio. Taye follows my eyes back to Bill, who clears his throat and smiles one of those smiles, a mixture of awkward and curious. I froze and instantly felt deeply all 11-mutha fuckin’-inches. Shit!

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