“brit pop”

I know it may seem that I’m always at a bar, but it’s not always the case. Anyway the other night at a bar I meet this cute British lawyer. Drinks like a fish, like all English people do, but cute none the less. So I give him my card and he calls for a massage.

He lives in that sketchy building that I’ve recently learned is referred to as, “Vaseline Tower”. You see the gay community can be really classy when they want to be. Anyway, I ride up the elevator and knock on his door.

“Come in”, he says with a smile. (I think he was drunk already, again like all English people would be at 4:30 in the afternoon.) He was fit, blond and cute, he must be smart too if he’s a lawyer but that’s irrelevant. I have him undress and watch his cute little white ass walk over to take a shower. He had one of those ass’ you could eat for days, which actually ended up happening. He walks out with a white towel around his neck. His cock was perfect, low hanging balls, cyclist legs, a flat stomach, a rower’s smooth chest and well I mostly looked at his cock. He got on the table with his knees, spreading his legs allowing me to see his pink hole. I wasted no time. I grabbed his ass, spread his cheeks and licked his asshole, it tasted like ivory soap. I stuck my tongue in his hole, allowing it to spread open. He moaned and grabbed his own checks spreading his ass even more. I must have looked like I hadn’t eaten in days cause I ate that ass like nobodies business. His asshole turned from pink to red but I didn’t care I licked and licked spreading his rosebud even more. “Fuck me!” He yells with a thick British accent. By that point his hole was so open I slid my dick in with ease. I fucked that milky white ass for a while. I reached around him and grabbed his rock hard cock. As I fucked him, I stroked his cock. He moaned and came with a loud shriek. We had a beer and called it a day.

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