“the 25-year-old Gino”

The other night I went out, sat on a patio with friends and had a few beers. So I meet this guy, my girlfriend says he looks like an Italian Taylor Lautner, “Gino” I’ll call him. So to make a long story short I gave this 25-year-old my card and he called me for a massage. Gino lives up town, for those woaps out there, you all know Woodbridge. So I get into my car and drive up to him.

He answers the door in a pair of blue plaid boxers and his hair is wet. He explains that he had just come back from the gym and had just showered. Perfect! I get in and he jumps on the bed with his boxers. I wanted to ask him to take them off, but he looked so cute in those boxers and plus I wanted him to be comfortable. You also have to realize that I am a massage therapist and have 3-4 massages a day. I take my work very seriously and not all massages end with a happy ending! So I start the massage feeling his young fresh skin. I usually massage people, well let’s put them in the 45-70 year old bracket because usually younger people can’t afford a private massage therapist, but he could.
I enjoyed massaging him, feeling his soft skin and his ample toned muscles. I rubbed him with force listening to his breath and helping him slow it down. Our breath became one. I worked his legs, his feet, his butt, lower back, wide shoulders, long neck. He turned. I could see through the thin plaid of his boxers that there was some movement down below. You have to understand when you become one with your client, it becomes an intense experience not only for the client but also for the therapist. It doesn’t happen all the time.

I wanted to make this clean. I wanted, for that one hour, this person, this client, to feel good both physically and mentally. So I worked his legs and his abdomen. Now its pretty normal that when I massage this area all the men get hard, gay or straight it doesn’t matter. So he was hard.

He was so cute, I was getting hard – but I had to keep it professional. I finished the massage and started putting my oils away. He ends up behind me and starts to kiss my neck ever so gently. I couldn’t believe it. I turned around and kissed his lips. We made out for a while and leading me into the bathroom he slowly took my clothes off kissing every part of my body. The boy knew what he was doing. We went into the shower and he continued kissing me. He kissed my lips, my neck, my shoulder, my nipple, slowly working his way down. He licked my belly button and slowly put my hard cock into his mouth. He sucked my cock for a good ten minutes until I came all over his face. The water felt great running down my back.

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