“face fucker”

Pride weekend. Park Hyatt Hotel. I like doing house calls at hotels, I kind of feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Cinda-fucken-rella. He was blonde, blue-eyed, 6’3, swimmers build, I would say in his forties. I walk in and see 4 bottles of wine on the nightstand and a couple bags of coke. He takes off his robe and lays down. I start massaging and he immediately starts to moan. “You’re really fucking hot”, he says. I continue to massage. I have him turn over.

“I’m a cock sucker”, he says. I couldn’t help but smile, trying to hold back from laughing.
“I’m a dirty fucking cock sucker.” At this point, I burst out laughing and he looks a little embarrassed. I tell him that it’s cool that he’s a cock sucker. “I like when you call me a cock sucker”.

Do you? you cock sucker. As soon as I said cock sucker he started growing. You wanna suck my cock? cock sucker. He was fully hard and started touching his dick. “Face fuck me”. Well, I wasted no time and shoved it in his mouth. “I’m I fucking faggot cock sucker,” I think he said. Shut the fuck up you faggot and eat my cock. I shoved it so far into his mouth that my balls slammed against his chin. He gagged but I didn’t pull it out. You like that faggot? His eyes were watering and couldn’t say a word with his mouth full of cock. I grabbed his head with both hands and started thrusting. I fucked his face like a rag doll and he loved it. He shot all over his stomach some squirting onto his face. I ran my fingers along his thick stream of cum getting my hand and fingers soaked of it. I rub it on his face and shove my fingers in his mouth. Do you like the taste of your own cum?

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