“my husband”

“My husband really needs a massage.”

I walked into the house. Two screaming children and a wife trying to get everything ready. They were going out for an hour so he could have the hour to relax.
“He usually hates massages but he really needs one. We’ll be back in an hour.”
I set up in the bedroom while he takes a shower. He works for the city doing landscaping. 5’10, shaved head, blue eyes and hairy. He walks in and looks confused.


Lie down on your stomach. I choose a peppermint scent for him. I place a thin white sheet over him so he is comfortable. I start massaging his feet. They’re huge. I immediately think about the size of his cock. I work his feet and move up to calves, then thighs and butt. His skin is soft, I have to use a lot of oil not to pull out his hair. I start to massage his Gluteus Maximus, he says the pain starts from there. I can feel that it’s tight so I go deep with my elbows. His ass is so hairy. He starts to moan. It’s painful I know. I wondered how much pain he would feel if I stuck it in his ass. His virgin ass, his hairy virgin ass. I proceed to his lower back and up his spine. His Trapezius muscles are also very tight. He explains that he does a lot of physical labour. His broad shoulders agree with what he’s saying.

I have him turn around, and fix the thin sheet around his groin. I start to work his chest and arms and move down to his legs. I work his quads and he tells me he feels they’re tight as well. I explain to him that for the work he does he should be taking hot epsom salt baths and getting a massage as often as possible. I again go deep into the tissue making him mewl in pain, but this time I notice that the sheet around his groin is moving. He is getting hard as I work his leg. I notice his cock growing and growing. As I work the leg I am transfixed by the gradual growth of his cock under the sheet; before long he was hard (huge!). I massage further up the leg and into the inner thigh, I go closer and closer to his crotch until finally my finger grazed his scrotum. As I touched it, his cock jumped up. I continue to rub his upper thigh, each time allowing my fingers to skim his balls. Every time I touched his sack his cock reacts to my touch. He didn’t say a word. I worked my way up to his hip and across his external oblique and massaged along his abdomen. In a clockwise, circular motion I rubbed his abdomen and make my way down to his pelvis. I move to his right side and place my hand under the sheet from his left hip bone to his right along his lower belly. I can feel his pubic hair entangle with my fingertips. Then the shaft of his cock jumped up over my fingers and across the top of my hand. I continued massaging the spot, back and forth, feeling the weight of his hard dick on the back of my hand. I turn my hand and start massaging the svadhisthana chakra (sex energy centre) which is just above his shaft. At that point I lifted my arm allowing the sheet to slide off him. I stare at his pulsating cock, as I continue to massage his second chakra. His eyes are closed and he says nothing. His cock was pulsating and releasing pre-cum. I couldn’t take it anymore so I lower my head, pulling his foreskin back, put his cock in my mouth. I slowly work his cock from head to the lower part of the base. His whole body stiffened and he moaned. I twisted my fist up and down on it while I sucked it. I put his balls in my mouth while I jacked him off. His big feet began to curl up. I knew he was close. His breathing was getting heavy. I looked at the time and realized we only had ten minutes before the hour was through, so I started sucking even harder. He let out a loud moan, and fell back against the massage table clutching my head to his cock, and his cum flooded my mouth. I could feel his whole body tremble, and his cum just kept coming, thick creamy cum.

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